Global history of fossil fuel use

My book, Burning Up: a global history of fossil fuel consumption, was published by Pluto Press in summer 2018. Below are links to (i) a copy of the book’s bibliography, and (ii) presentations and articles, linked to the research for the book, that are not anywhere else on the internet. For more up to date information, start with the description of the project on my web site here.

The bibliography

The bibliography for the book can be downloaded here.

Presentations and articles

For a full list go to the main page for the project.

Socialism, capitalism and the transition away from fossil fuels. Presentation at the University of Durham (Centre for Culture and Ecology), 16 January 2020

Burning Up and the Age of Environmental Breakdown. Presentation at the Rethinking Economics conference, Greenwich, 30 March 2019

Fossil fuel consumption since 1950: the other side of the extractivist coin. Presentation at the World Ecology Research Network conference, Helsinki, 16 August 2018

How Did It Come To This? Unsustainable fossil fuel use in historical perspective, 1950-2018. Presentation at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, May 2018

Why haven’t we turned our backs on hydrocarbons yet? Interview with Pro-Ved, 19 December 2017. In English here, and Russian original here.

“How global fossil fuel consumption became unsustainable”. Presentation at the LSE Grantham Centre, September 2017.

The Paris climate agreement after Trump (article published in Labour Briefing, July 2017)

Fossil fuel consumption outside the rich countries: research questions. Presentation at the World Ecology Network conference, 15-16 July 2016, Durham University, UK.

The global drivers of fossil fuel consumption. Is the IPCC looking at them the right way? Presentation at a seminar, 1 October 2015 on “How fossil fuel consumption shapes the lives communities lead”.

Global fossil fuel consumption, 1950 to the present: seven histories in one. Presentation at the Planetary Natures conference, July 2015, Binghamton university, USA.

■ Drivers of global fossil fuel consumption since 1950: notes here and slides here. Presentation in Sheffield and London, November 2014.

Information on my work on the global history of fossil fuel consumption here.


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