Global history of fossil fuel use

From 2014, I am working on a research project on the global history of fossil fuel consumption from 1950, at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. There’s a description of it on my web site here. (This is in addition to my work on the Institute’s Natural Gas Research Programme. See Institute web site here.) I welcome contact with historians doing related research.

I will post presentations and texts here.

Fossil fuel consumption outside the rich countries: research questions. (Presentation at the World Ecology Network conference, 15-16 July 2016, Durham University, UK.)

The global drivers of fossil fuel consumption. Is the IPCC looking at them the right way? (Presentation at a seminar, 1 October 2015 on “How fossil fuel consumption shapes the lives communities lead”.)

Global fossil fuel consumption, 1950 to the present: seven histories in one. (Presentation at the Planetary Natures conference, July 2015, Binghamton university, USA.)

■ Drivers of global fossil fuel consumption since 1950: notes here and slides here. (Presentation in Sheffield and London, November 2014.)


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