I turned down a date with gorgeous George

This week I was invited by Sputnik TV to take part in Orbiting the World With George Galloway, to talk about the centenary of the February 1917 revolution in Russia. I emailed back as follows:

Thanks for your invitation to appear on Orbiting the World With George Galloway. I have long enjoyed working with the Russian media in various ways, and recently gave interviews about the centenary of the revolution to two Russian TV channels. However I do not wish to appear on the Galloway programme. Galloway, who in the past took a stand that I liked on principled issues, is now cooperating with the racist xenophobe Nigel Farage and talking approvingly about Donald Trump and his deranged anti-Mexico “wall”. Galloway has suggested that it’s OK to have sex with someone without their consent, thereby redefining rape. Galloway presents all this as “anti-establishment” politics. I don’t want to help him, because that’s damaging to people who are really trying to resist and confound the establishment.

15 February 2017.

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