Articles on energy from 2011

Note. There is a fuller list of links to what I’ve written on the front page of my blog here. These are just the ones that are not stored anywhere else.

Comments on the Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan, 2021-2030. Response to the consultation, February 2021

The Direct Air Capture Road to socialism? A review essay, responding to Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency by Andreas Malm. Published in Capitalism Nature Socialism, March 2021.

An initial response to Greenwich council’s Carbon Neutral Plan Evidence Base. January 2020. I produced these notes as part of the campaign in the borough to take action on the climate emergency.

How Russia/EEU Economic Relations with the EU are reflected in the Gas Trade – seminar presentation, June 2018

The Decline and Fall of the Russian-Ukraine Gas Trade, June 2018 – published in the Russian Analytical Digest, downloadable HERE

The Russia-Ukraine question. Presentation at the first Kyiv Gas Forum, October 2015

Russian gas-to-power competition mounts as demand is squeezed – Gas Matters, October 2013

Gas flaring reduction progress reviewed – Gas Matters, November 2012

Oil a “destabilising influence” on Iraq’s future – International Affairs, September 2011

Moscow-Kyiv gas tensions rise – Gas Matters, September 2011

Russian gas market stays on its reform course – July 2011 – published in the Russian Analytical Digest, downloadable HERE

Nord Stream threatens Ukraine’s share of transit as domestic production slows – Gas Matters, April 2011


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