Weinstein and Healy

This letter was published in Red Pepper magazine, April-May 2018, page 4 

The Harvey Weinstein revelations and the #metoo campaign have shed fresh light on sexual abuse by powerful men, and the way that abusers are supported and protected.

In October 1985 Gerry Healy, leader of the Workers Revolutionary Party, was expelled from the Party for sexual abuse of numerous women and girls, and physical abuse of many members, both men and women. Vanessa Redgrave and the late Corin Redgrave were the main, high-profile defenders of Healy at the time.

The 1985 events are well documented and were reported in the national press. An account is available in the book Staying Red: Why I Remain a Socialist by the late Norman Harding, a long-standing member of the organisation.

Vanessa Redgrave is still a working actor, and is to play the part of L S Lowry’s mother, Elizabeth, in the forthcoming film Mrs Lowry & Son.

We, who were actively engaged in holding Healy to account, would welcome knowing Vanessa Redgrave’s current stance on these matters.

Clare Cowen

Aileen Jennings

Liz Leicester

Simon Pirani

Cliff Slaughter

Dave Temple

Note. Here is an article commenting on this issue, and related issues: “The radical left’s #metoo moment – all thirty-plus years of it”



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